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It is finally here!  Our Spring program for the Boys 5/6 will start on Monday, March 30th.  I hope your sons are excited- I know we are! 


1ST WEEK SCHEDULE:  Week of 3/30.

** Make sure your son is geared up and ready to go ON TIME (re: early).  Bring both cleats & tennis shoes to each day.

Monday: 5/6th grade meet at basketball court between Evamere and Eastwoods.  5:30-7:00ish.

                        (See HYLAX Map- by fields EW 5 & 6)

Tuesday:  5thgrade boys will be at NC Soccer 5:30-6:15.

                6th grade boys will be at NC Soccer. 6:15-7:00.

Wednesday: Same as Monday.

Thursday:  5th graders at Pinnacle (Twinsburg) 7:30-8:15p

                 6th graders at Pinnacle (Twinsburg) 8:15-9:00.



Based upon our registration numbers, we split our boys into 3 separate teams:

  • 6th Grade Team:  Stronger understanding of the game, field spacing, ability to catch, throw, scoop and shoot.

  • 5th Grade Team:  Stronger understanding of the game, field spacing, ability to catch, throw, scoop and shoot.

  • 5th/6th Grade Blended Team: All remaining players.

*Teams will be announced prior to April 6th.


ASSESSMENTS- What are the boys being assessed on and when?

March 30 will just be a practice/housekeeping/get-a-stick-in-your-hands/get-to-know-you day.  Assessments will take place Tuesday, March 31- Thursday, April 2.

Here is what they are looking at- nothing too surprising:

  • Pass & catch

  • Get ground balls

  • Attitude & Effort!


PLEASE READ!For more information about the season, our coaches, expectations, etc. please see the general posting on the 5/6 HYLAX website.

Have a great spring break!