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Welcome to another awesome season of lacrosse.  We have a great group of coaches excited to work with your sons this Spring.


Below is a lot of important information for your review.  As soon as the season starts and teams are identified, all further information will appear on your team page!


  • Season will start Monday, March 30th
  • Season will end the first week in June (unless we add a few games)
  • We will keep the schedule up-to-date on the website (hudsonlax.com).  Consult often, sign-up to get email and text alerts, get the calendar linked to your phone.  Lots of ways to stay current.
  • There will be lots of changes- weather is usually the biggest reason and we will notify you as soon as possible of changes as soon as we know them.


  • Full gear is required.  See this link.
  • Your son MUST wear a cup.
  • Your son MUST have a mouthguard.
  • If he does not have a mouthguard/does not have a cup, expect a phone call to pick him up.
    • Buy a mouthguard that attaches to the face-mask (cage).
    • Buy a spare mouthguard and put it in his bag.


  • All coaches are required to complete concussion certification
  • This does not make us doctors or concussion experts
  • We will follow the procedures we have been taught but will ALWAYS lean towards caution
  • Please, do not ask us to put your son back into play if we have asked him to be removed
  • If your son is removed from play due to concussion like symptoms, we do require doctors clearance to return to play


  • We split our boys into 3 separate teams
    • 6th Grade Team:  Stronger understanding of the game, field spacing, ability to catch, throw, scoop and shoot.
    • 5th Grade Team:  Stronger understanding of the game, field spacing, ability to catch, throw, scoop and shoot.
    • 5th/6th Grade Blended Team: All remaining players.
  • Team selections will be announced prior to April 6th.


  • As a developmental program, we are proponents of equal play over the course of the season.  That said, with the best of intentions, it is impossible to achieve.  Let’s all accept that now.
  • If your son is not ready (lined up) to go in, he will be skipped in his rotation.
  • If your son does not want to go in (tired, does not want to play a position, is picking flowers, looking for his water bottle), he will be skipped.
  • ATTENDANCE:  If your son is the best player on the team and does not come to practices, he will not get equal play.
    • We are big fans of kids playing lots of sports.  However, it is lacrosse season.  If they cannot attend practices when others do, the others will earn more playing time.


  • Parents will spectate from the opposite side of the field away from players and coaches
  • Half-time is very short.  Please do not approach your son or coach during half time.
  • If you are disgruntled, please honor our 24 hour rule.  Once 24 hours have passed, please contact your coach to discuss the situation.
    • Let us all allow cooler heads to prevail
  • Cheer for your son and the Hudson players
  • Do not cheer against the opponent
  • Do not talk to the officials.  Do NOT yell at the officials.  Leave game time discussions with the officials to the coaches.
  • We believe lacrosse is unique because of its rich tradition and history.  That means we respect the ROOTS of Positive Play
    • (R)ules:  We refuse to bend the rules to win.
    • (O)pponents:  A worthy opponent is a gift that brings out our best.
    • (O)fficials:  Show respect even when we disagree.
    • (T)eamates:  Never do anything to embarrass our team.
    • (S)elf:  We live up to our own standards even when others do not.
  • We have a proud history surrounding the above.  We expect you to join us in maintaining that level of excellence.
  • Remember, we are a developmental program.  Regardless of the score, we win when we act with Dignity, Integrity and Grace (D.I.G.).



“Develop the man and good lacrosse will follow"

  • Your son will know what is expected of him during practice and games.  He will be allowed to decide if he is going to meet or exceed those expectations.
  • If he cannot meet conduct expectations, we will discuss the problem with him.  If necessary, it will be discussed with his parent(s).
    • He may also be required to run extra, do planks, etc.
  • If we cannot resolve the conduct issue, he will be removed from play until it is determined conduct expectations can be met.
  • If conduct expectations cannot be met, in extreme situations, your son will be removed from the team and no refund will be issued.
  • Common conduct issues include
    • Not listening to coaches
    • Illegal hitting
    • Poking, hitting in lineups
    • Not respecting coaches and other players



  • Lacrosse is a contact sport.  There is a reason we wear all the gear.
  • When taught properly, hard contact is minimized but not eliminated.
  • We will teach proper contact and accept proper contact.
  • Wearing a helmet does not make it football.



This will change and there is/will be much more but here are some of the biggies.  Consult the online schedule once published.

  • March 30 - First Practice
  • Assessments - March 31- April 2
  • April 25 - Baggataway Tournament (Medina)
  • May 3 - Hudson Laxfest
  • May 30 - North Coast (Big Dog - Canton)