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Questions commonly arise when our young men consider playing lacrosse for the first time or are advancing from Jerry Lynott's 1/2 program.  I do hope this answers some of those questions.  If not, I welcome your email or phone call.
Matt Villenauve
M:  330.221.6949
E:  matt.v@labelmatch.com
Q:  What are the season dates?
A:  We will start right after spring break and run through the 1st week in June
Q:  How often do we practice?
A:  Boys are spread into two groups.  They practice either Mon/Wed or Tues/Thur.  Your nights are determined based on which team he is placed on.
Q:  Is experience required?
A:  HECK NO!  We welcome all boys.  No exceptions.
Q:  Is it full gear?
A:  Yep.  Helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, cup and stick.
Q:  Do they play games?
A:  They will play games and up to three tournaments including Laxfest in Hudson.  We plan to play 7 to 10 additional games per season.  They can be weekdays or weekends and we do not have schedules until before the season.  The schedule WILL adjust during the season.
Q:  Are there team selections?
A:  Depends on how you want to look at it.  We do split the men into developmental and developmentaler groups.  Some have called these "A" and "B" groups or teams.  Bottom line is we want them in two groups to work specifically on escalating their game according to their need.  Past years have proven that a mixed bag of boys does not work as well as splitting into an upper and lower.
Q:  How will you determine which group my son is in?
A:  When the season starts, we hold a skill assessment day to determine their skill level and place them on a team.  Details will follow.
Q:  Is there contact?
A:  Yes this is a contact sport and the contact used is within the rules of the game.  We are very conscious of playing within the rules set by US Lacrosse.  Our coaches are also concussion certified.
Q:  When are practices?
A:  Practices generally run from 6 to 7:30
Q:  Can I get involved?
A:  Yes.  Your help is appreciated.  Please contact me if you would like to help coach (no experience required), be a team parent, help run scoring and time clocks, etc. .. 
If you have more questions, please do contact me.
Matt (Coach V)