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  • Head Coaches (3 teams) Garrett Reilly, Doug Harvey, Mark Palumbo

  • Assistant Coaches –Christopher Krafchek, Eric Krantz, more volunteers welcome!

  • Team Manager – we are actively seeking a volunteer for this key position; duties include update web site with team news, organize snacks at games/tournaments and end of season pizza party at field.  Team Manager training for all the teams scheduled for Tuesday, April 10th at 6:30pm (location TBD). If you are interested, please contact Eric Krantz at egkrantz@gmail.com.

Objectives of the Program

  • Have Fun! Learn the fundamentals of the game! Make sure your son wants to come back next year!

  • Fundamentals – passing, catching, scooping, cradling, shooting, defense, team play.

  • Will try to scrimmage (small ball) the last half hour of every practice (3 small fields, 7 vs 7, lots of touches)

  • Team rosters will be developed and finalized over the next few weeks as we continue the best practice of balancing abilities across the three teams.We need to grow some goalies!We will be rotating them throughout the game; if your son is interested have him tell a coach.

  • Best way to teach your son is take them to a HHS varsity game or watch the many college games that are on TV.


  • We will be playing with FULL EQUIPMENT including a regulation lacrosse stick & ball, helmets, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads and an athletic cup.

  • Step-In Sports in Chagrin Falls has a great deal on beginner Youth Lacrosse equipment that includes a buy-back provision.  Play It Again Sports is also a great place to check out.

  • HYLAX Uniforms will be handed out on April 7th (more details to come).  These will be RETURNED at the end of the season.  We also recommend having a reversible mesh jersey (any kind and color will do) for practice during the week.  Game uniforms should only be for games. 

  • Shoes – cleats (preferred – we play on wet grass) tennis shoes if field conditions (turf) safely allow.

  • Parents – it will be your responsibility to make sure your son has all his equipment on and adjusted properly when he walks onto the field (Thanks! This is a huge help!)  For the first couple of weeks may need assistance gearing up for practice and games until they master their equipment.If you have any extra gear please bring it to the first event on 03 April. Many families have excess equipment from siblings and would be happy to donate or sell to other players at reduced cost.

Important Schedule of Practices, Events & Other Information

  • All practices will be held on the Freshman Football field between East Woods School and Evamere (please park behind Evamere) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  

  • Our first event will be an equipment check on Tuesday, April 3rd from 6-8pm at the HMS Commons.  Come anytime in that window and bring ALL of your son’s equipment, including stick, so our experts can make sure it fits properly and it is the right gear.

  • Be here 15 minutes early if possible (practice to start promptly at the start time noted above!)

  • Hudson Youth Lacrosse Youth Day at the HHS Varsity Game will be April 13th; Players get in for FREE and our team will be introduced at halftime (more information to follow)

  • Our Boys 3/4 Team Site will be updated with practice times, games, and tournaments very soon.

  • We will attend 3 tournaments: Baggataway (Medina), Laxfest (Hudson), and North Coast Championship (N. Canton).  We will also have some weeknight and other weekend games.  WE HAVE GAMES IN BAY VILLAGE AND WESTLAKE AT 12PM and 1PM on APRIL 8th.Our apologies for the notice, our schedulers working hard to get us on turf during the rainy season so we will travel the month of April.Subject to change (no times yet) but there are games on April 14th, 15th, 21st and 29th.

  • Bad Weather & Other Important Information – Check the web site www.hudsonlax.com and/or look for an e-mail or txt (one hour before practice). If you hear lightning or thunder, we are done!  Please pick up your son as soon as possible!  Look for us in the truck loading dock out in front of East Woods School.  Instructions on updating how you want updates from HYLAX (email/txt) can be found here.  Log into your account, click on your name and update your settings.  Changes are frequent with spring weather; recommend e-mail and text to catch all changes, especially for tournaments and games.