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         HUDSON LAXFEST RULES 2019  


Time Factors

●      The following time factors will apply:

o   Two 20-minute halves, running time.

o   One 4-minute halftime.

o   No time-outs

o   The clock will stop for Officials’ game control, injury, and/or time-outs. Penalty time will carry-over the half.

●      All games start on the hour.

●      End of Regulation Time:

o   Certain Middle School games may be designated as official OMSLA games. Any OMSLA games tied at end of regulation will play a 4-minute sudden death overtime immediately with no timeouts. If score is still tied at the end of 2 sudden-death periods, the game will end in a tie. Other games will not play overtime (those games can end in a tie).

●      All games must conclude before the top of the hour.

Boys’ 3rd & 4th grade games

●      All games will be Small Ball: 7v7.  2 Attack, 2 Middies, 2 Defenders (no long poles), and 1 Goalie.

●      Onside/offside is in effect: 2 players on offense and 2 on defense (plus goalie) at all times.

●      Legal pushes (rule 4.15b, pushing) and holds (rule 4.15a, holding) are allowed.

●      In all loose ball situations, players should “play the ball,” but incidental contact, “boxing out,” “man-ball” or screening techniques during such play shall not be considered a violation of this rule.

●      If ball is not moving, stuck, or the players are having difficulty picking the ball up, referee may stop and re-start play following the alternate possession rule.

Girls’ 3rd & 4th grade games

●      All games will be Small Ball: 8v8.  7v7 NO goalie if neither team can field a goalie.

●      A draw to start the game and 2nd half only.  

●      Balanced field at draw, with (1) center, (3) offensive and (3) defensive players.

●      Midfield is the restraining line; teams must keep two players, plus goalie behind restraining line.

●      No checking or body contact is permitted and 3 seconds closely guarded applies

●      Must play 1v1 defense throughout the field of play (exception: more than one person can properly guard the ball in critical shooting area.)



All Other Games

●      Rules not specifically covered will otherwise follow the appropriate 2019 US Lacrosse rules for each age group.

Game Management

●      Each team is responsible for providing scorer table personnel and 4 balls at your end line for each game.

●      The "mercy rule" will be used.  When one team is ahead by five points or more, the team that is behind will be given the ball at the midfield line in lieu of a face-off (waived in OMSLA games).

●      No take-out checks are permitted by any player at any age level.


●      Any player or coach using derogatory language on the field when addressing a player, coach or referee may receive a 1-minute, non-releasable penalty for the first offense, a 2-minute non-releasable for the second offense and expulsion from the game for the third offense.

●      Spectators are expected to show sportsmanship



●      Please advise your players, parents, and other spectators to avoid areas behind the goals.

●      If lightning is in the vicinity, the committee will designate the suspension of play by three long air horn blasts. Due to limited space, players and spectators should go to their vehicles. Standard NFHS procedures will apply before play is resumed. The committee will decide if game(s) have to be cancelled due to weather/lightning. Games cancelled due to weather will not be rescheduled at Hudson.  OMSLA games follow suspended game rules.

●       If any games are cancelled due to weather conditions, the scores will be recorded as they stand when the game ended.    Refunds will not be issued due to any weather-related changes made during tournament.