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Welcome to another awesome season of lacrosse.  We have a great group of coaches excited to work with your kids this spring.

Below is a lot of important information for your review.  This information is generic to all of our HYLAX programs.  Coaches from your respective teams will be in touch closer to the start date with team specific information.  



  • Regular season will start the first week of February (2/9) for the 5/6 Girls and Boys and 7/8 Boys. Assessments for those who would like to be considered for the select team for both 5/6 and 7/8 will be in late Feb/early March with teams selected before Spring Break. 
  • ​Regular season for 3/4 and 1/2s will begin after Spring Break.
  • Boys and Girls 1/2 will start no earlier than Sunday, April 5th.  That provides lots of time for registration for 1/2! Invite your friends- lacrosse is better with a buddy.
  • Your individual team site (e.g. Girls 5/6 White, Boys 3/4, etc.) on hudsonlax.com will have your exact practice times and location for the week.



The one constant in life is change and that should be our HYLAX motto.

  • Why?  Weather in Ohio in the spring is very unpredictable.  If the fields are too wet, we are not allowed to be on them.  Typically, we find out the day before and sometimes the day of practice.  Occasionally, we are able to move to an indoor location and other times we just have to cancel.
  • Why don’t you just book more indoor time?  Indoor time is hard to come by, and very expensive.  Especially when we have 13 teams to accommodate.  We have reserved substantial indoor time at NC Soccer through the 1st three weeks of April.
  • When will schedules come out for tournaments?  For the tournaments your teams might be attending, the schedules typically do not come out until Wednesday or Thursday before the event.  That is just the way it is.  For now, just plan that you will be busy from 8am-6pm on those days.



So how do I know about all of these changes and what is going on?

  • All teams will use HYLAX website (hudsonlax.com) for practice and game scheduling
  • Updates will be made by Head Coach/Team Manager
  • All changes, additions, cancellations of practices & games will be communicated up to FIVE WAYS.  You get to control how many and which ways you want to receive communication through your HYLAX account.
  1. Web- hudsonlax.com  
  2. Text- If you are an “opt in” on your user profile, you will receive text notifications of calendar activity.
  3. Email- If you are an “opt in” on your user profile, you will receive Email notifications of calendar activity.
  4. Calendar Updates- you can add the calendar feed to your calendar. Works for Google Calendar and Apple iCal
  5. League Athletics App- Through Google Play or Apple’s App Store, download the “LeagueAthletics Mobile”.  If you had it from last year, make sure to reset your app for this year’s team info.



  • All players must have proper gear in order to be on the field.  This is true for practices as well as for games.  Safety is our #1 concern and being properly equipped is the first step.
  • For a listing of the gear required, please see this link.
  • Boys must wear a cup.
  • ALL must have a mouthguard.  Best recommendation is to buy at least two.  One to wear and one for the bag when they lose the first one!



I see the name of my field, but where is it exactly?

  • Most of the field are on the Hudson School campus behind Evamere and East Woods. Additional fields may be used for certain age groups due to the construction and needs of some of the other school sports.
  • Field Map can be found on our website on the Map page.
  • Please do not park or drop off in the side lot of East Woods by the pool.  The HCER After Care program and swimming need that space for pick-up and drop-offs.



  • HYLAX is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers.  It truly does take a village to have a strong and organized program.  Here are several opportunities for you to get involved:
    • Team Manager- each team needs someone to help the coaches keep organized, communicate with the team, organize food/drinks for tournaments, and end of the season event.  Comes with training!!!  Please reach out to your coach right away if interested.
    • 22st Annual Laxfest, May 2 & 3- Mark your calendars!  This 2-day lacrosse festival is our one-and-only fundraising event for HYLAX.  We will have over 120 teams participate with close to 7000 people attending.  We require all of our HYLAX families to volunteer.  More information will be coming but wanted you to get it on your schedule.  It is a lot of fun with food, vendors, and great lacrosse.  You won’t want to miss it!

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!